A historic record in the events of Jackson

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Trunk or Treat

in haunted
Downtown Jackson

October 31st

(7 p.m. to 9 p.m.)

Michigan Avenue between Jackson & Mechanic 
 We have provided some photos from Jackson's first Trunk or Treat. There was a large crowd, with thousands of visitors. The night was warm and pleasant. But many frightening individuals and families showed up. You may find a photo of yourself here. We hope that you will sign in the guestbook and identify yourself. The photos are numbered for your convenience. We will add in appropriate comments from the guestbook to this historic record of events of Jackson Michigan.

This event was sponsored by the Downtown Development Authority of Jackson.


 Photo #1

While appearing to be a typical American family strolling through downtown Jackson in the evening, these individuals were actually planning to haunt unsuspecting car owners who planned to give candy to a few children on the evening of October 31.


 Photo #2


The crowd, although difficult to capture on film in the darkness, may be discerned in this carefully prepared photo which used high speed survelliance film. There were literally thousands of visitors at this first ever Trunk Or Treat. No one suspected the turn out, and candy givers were left empty handed not long after the event began.


 Photo #3


Not to be daunted by a lack of candy at some of the stations, the families strolled and visited the strange looking creatures that roamed Michigan Avenue that fateful Tuesday evening.


 Photo #4


The Fire and Police Departments showed up to help with the crowd control. It was a good thing too. Even creatures such as "Scream" (pictured just below the clock tower) were spotted and kept under close supervision.


  Photo #5


There were so many goblins, ghosts and demons that the Barbie look alikes and princesses were outnumbered this evening.


  Photo #6


Because of the unexpected large crowd, the poor hungry goblins had to seek far and wide to get a full bag of candy this evening. Next year, candy givers are urged to bring more candy, at least a bushelful per car trunk. This request was issued by general consensus by the younger members of the crowd.


 Photo #7


There was a delightful display by Streeter Hardware just in front of Huron Camera Shop. The Model T car was decorated with corn shucks, pumpkins, farmers and other old time designs.

Note: the photos you see here were helped immensely with advice from Huron Camera Shop about night time photography. These photos were then also digitially enhanced to show up the darker areas.


 Photo #8


 It was difficult to get photos of the best displays, due to the crowds that were all around.


  Photo #9


There was a feeling of community and neighborhood in the air as the Trunk or Treaters strolled through downtown Jackson that Tuesday evening.


  Photo #10


Another beautiful Halloween display was in the back of this pickup truck. The Truck owners were apologizing for not having enough candy. They were cleaned out within 15 minutes of the beginning of the highly successful event.


  Photo #11


Hard to see even when this photo was enhanced to show him, a ghostly headless horseman roamed in the shadows of the sidewalk. It was not known if this creature was just a neighbor taking part in the planned event, or perhaps a real headless horseman that thought to camouflage his supernatural self on this appropriate evening.


  Photo #13


There were also a few clowns to be seen this evening. Some were children, and we understood their reasons for their clownish behavior.


Others, as the last photo in this series, were not children, yet their childlike behavior was somehow charming on this particular evening.


  Photo #14


Looking up towards the clock tower, there is a break in the crowd. The festivities were shared by one and all.


 Photo #15

The couple at this car seemed to be dressed as a priest and a nun. Or perhaps they really were a priest and a nun. At any rate, they seemed quite popular most of the time.


 Photo #16

The priest and the nun are here seen on the far right.

Their nice looking old car is shown in this photo.


 Photo #17


In the car trunk was an attractive display, which included a jack-o-lantern. As well as some creeping hanging figure.


Perhaps they weren't really a priest and a nun.


 Photo #18

A Family affair, this Father and son brought Fido with them. Fido posed very cooperatively for the photographer but Father really didn't want his photo taken.


 Photo #19

Several man-size pumpkins marched up Michigan Avenue. Whether they were a gang, or a coincidence, we could not tell.


 Photo #20

Photos do not do justice to the celebration. If you were not at Trunk or Treat, come next year.

If you have ever been to Mardi Gras, you have an idea of how crazy a city can get.


 Photo #21

Another view of the Street Hardware Model T. The crowds obscured the old time vehicles, but they were in evidence nevertheless.


 Photo #21

Our farewell shot for the evening is none other than Captain Jackson.

Captain Jackson is rumored to be a public safety officer in real life, but that rumor has not been documented. We hope that the Captain (and You!) will sign the guestbook, or perhaps share a commentary with us of the strange events of Jackson's First Trunk or Treat.

© all photos and text Maggie LaNoue / Albion Design

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